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Mauricio Vega Galindo

As a qualify Chef, with experience working in different hotels in Colombia, Spain and Mauritania, also in organizing events in Convention Centres, Social Clubs, Cruisers and The Corte Ingles; I have a strong commitment to providing quality service to the customers. I am willing to undertake the post as a Chef.


– Developed ability to work as a member of the kitchen team through practical experience gained as a Chef.

– Enhanced my skills planning, implementing and evaluating any cost whilst utilising available resources such as buying groceries, elaborate menus and design dishes.

– Trained new staff.

– During my working, I developed an appreciation of the importance how the display menus can be part of everyday healthy life style.


Cooking is a profession I have always looked upon with respect. I believe that the role of the chef can be very challenging and hectic at times, as well as rewarding and fulfilling. In my opinion a person who is willing to become a Cook needs to have very good interpersonal skills, be good listener, eager to learn and strive to improve themselves. An understanding for other people’s needs without prejudice is also important. I believe I possess all of the above qualities and will endeavour to maintain and improve on them whenever possible.

For the past sixteen years I have been working in the catering profession; in a different places .Throughout this time, I have gained various skills, which have also improved my interpersonal skills and how to interact with others. I have a genuine interest in what I do and I give one hundred per cent towards this.

My priority is to value the importance of customer’s choices and rights. I work to ensure each customer safety gets the maximum out from my services; recognising that individuals are different and will participate in their own way to provide a good quality service. To meet the customer’s needs, I am able to carry out the quality control of the services deliver. Also monitor record and report any change in the customers complain, looking after their health and wellbeing.

I am able to work on my own initiative without supervision. I am committee to the policies of Health and Safety, Food Hygiene as well as the organisation’s in which I work.

As a professional, I have good communication skills (written, verbally) with others professionals and organisations that are involve in delivery a high quality services.

I truly enjoy working directly with people, which is one of the reasons I have decided on this career path. I realise that cooking is a profession for life. Once you become a chef you are always learning for the rest of your life. It will influence the way you act and think, the way you see the world around you.